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Cupping Toronto | Cupping Therapy - North Toronto Health

 Cupping Therapy is a therapeutic treatment created by the Chinese thousands of years ago. It spread to many nations around the world over time including Europe, Africa, Russia, Central and South Asia and Canada . It involved putting an animal horn on the body and creating a vacuum (“Dry Cupping”) by orally sucking the air out.  This in turn, bought toxic blood to the surface of the skin. Over time, other instruments were used such as bamboo cups and glass cups. It was widely considered an excellent form of preventative and curative therapy. It boosted the circulatory and immune systems, cleansed and detoxified the body, treated illness and relaxed the patient. Generally speaking, the Chinese commonly use the “Fire-Cupping” technique in conjunction with acupuncture. This involves placing a flame inside the cup until the oxygen is all burnt out, and then quickly placing the deoxygenated cup on to the skin surface. This creates a natural vacuum and sucks the skin up and